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Rachael Ray
Chef Curtis Stone's toffee ice cream; chef Ludo Lefebvre.
The View
Laverne Cox; Nicki Minaj; affordable holiday gifts.
Alison found her fiance in a hotel room with another woman.
Divorce Court
Elijah wants his wife to leave her new boyfriend.
Divorce Court
She says that he has become lazy and has a short temper.
The Wendy Williams Show
Donald Trump ("The Celebrity Apprentice"); winter coats.
Toy drive; Joy Bauer and Jenna Wolfe; must-haves under $50.
Access Hollywood Live
Actress Tiffani Thiessen; author Rob Bell.
Sesame Street
Rosita needs to control herself and wait to open present.
Sid the Science Kid
Sid and his friends learn all about life cycles.
Dinosaur Train
Buddy and his family go to the city for a convention.
Criminal Minds
A suspect abducts women to fulfill a personal obsession.
Criminal Minds
Con artist's crimes escalate as his mental health declines.
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
An aspiring reporter spends a night in a haunted house.
Steel Magnolias
Six iron-willed women gather at a Louisiana beauty parlor.
Monsters Inside Me
Doctors find something is eating a newborn's eyes and brain.
Monsters Inside Me
Brain inflammation; flesh eating infection; organs attacked.
The Millionaire Matchmaker
NeNe Leakes asks Patti to help two of her bridesmaids.
I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding
With only three weeks until the wedding, NeNe is stressed.
Friends to Lovers?
Friends try to take their relationships to the next level.
I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding
NeNe and her bridesmaids go to Cancun for the weekend.
I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding
NeNe has a confrontation with Gregg's oldest son.
Looney Tunes
The adventures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and friends.
Tom & Jerry
Cat Tom and mouse Jerry try to outwit each other.
The Tom and Jerry Show
Jerry looks for a late night snack.
Squawk on the Street
Opening bell market action.
Squawk Alley
Financial news and analysis features prominent leaders in technology, a vigorous economic sector.
CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello
Carol Costello brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
At This Hour With Berman and Michaela
Breaking news and developing stories.
The Colbert Report
Author Phil Klay.
The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert and guests discuss current issues.
South Park
Return to happier school days.
The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert and guests discuss current issues.
South Park
The boys want to ride bulls; area cows get religion.
The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert and guests discuss current issues.
Still Waiting ...
Restaurant workers make a raunchy plan to get more business.
The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert and guests discuss current issues.
U.S. Drug Wars
Border Patrol agents seize drugs and go undercover.
Pot Cops
Bringing down huge, illegal marijuana growers.
America's Newsroom
News coverage and discussion.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
The Tourist
A flirtation with a stranger leads to a web of intrigue.
Captain America: The First Avenger
Capt. America battles the evil HYDRA organization.
Big History
Discover how mountains make civilization possible.
Big History
The science behind water is the driving force of history.
Pawn Stars
Pac-Man; knight's helmet.
Pawn Stars
Chopped 1929 Ford coupe; calf-roping machine.
World's Weirdest
Mutations, shocking survivors, and freakish feats.
Life Below Zero
Details to take care of before guests arrive.
Wally and Norville help a lost baby dragon find his home.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Starla loses one of her pistons, Blaze and AJ try to help.
Bubble Guppies
Gil embarks on an icy expedition to the North Pole.
Bubble Guppies
The Guppies try to spread the joy of the holiday season.
Catch a Contractor
A couple's friend wrecks their condo and takes the cash.
Wild Hogs
Four friends take a motorcycle road trip.
Wild Hogs
Four friends take a motorcycle road trip.
Tasmanian Devils
Monstrous Tasmanian devils terrorize a group of sky divers.
Heebie Jeebies
A deputy must protect his town from an ancient creature.
A troubled youth suspects his neighbor is a serial killer.
America's Funniest Home Videos
A dog steals bread from a toaster; an office prank.
Sam and Dean break into Bela's apartment.
Sam and Dean star in a reality show about a haunting.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Patient makes a deathbed confession about old crimes.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Fin is asked to look into a college rape.