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Inside Edition
A TV actress finds her long-lost father.
The Middle
Sue feels a sense of freedom without Axl at school.
The Goldbergs
Barry signs up for a holiday talent show at the school.
Modern Family
Haley tries to keep her photography exhibit from her family.
Teen Tournament
Big Brother
House guests vie for the power of veto.
John confronts Molly about her distant behavior.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard has an unexpected encounter with a fellow scientist.
Lance and Oliver ask Sara to reunite with Laurel.
The 100
Clarke and Finn's new romance is threatened.
Ross lives with the guys; Phoebe dates health inspector.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Detectives suspect the drug-addict son of a murdered couple.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
A machete-wielding killer targets affluent art-owners.
Access Hollywood
Uzo Aduba; Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.
America's Got Talent
The top 48 acts are announced.
My Wild Affair
Chantek the orangutan was raised as a human child.
Ancient Australian fossils offer clues about early life.
Duck Dynasty
Phil must find a new pet turtle for Miss Kay.
Duck Dynasty
The guys and their wives coach Martin for an upcoming date.
Duck Dynasty
Jase and the guys try to revamp the Duck Commander image.
Duck Dynasty
The guys find an alligator in one of their duck blinds.
Angels & Demons
Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) confronts an ancient brotherhood.
Jurassic Park III
A search party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror.
Dirty Jobs
Mike helps maintain a hydroelectric dam.
Dirty Jobs
Mike travels to Maine to harvest blueberries.
Dirty Jobs
Erosion control; tram maintenance and repair.
A hard-partying physician attends wealthy clients.
The Real Housewives of New York City
Aviva returns to the group, causing insults to fly.
Million Dollar Listing Miami
Chad tries to find a way to work with his co-listing agent.
Regular Show
Muscle Man wants desperately to keep his trailer.
Regular Show
Mordecai wants to kiss Margaret at a meteor shower.
King of the Hill
Hank participates in a lawn-mower focus group.
King of the Hill
The fathers decide to take their sons deer hunting.
The Cleveland Show
Lester appears to take his own life after losing his money.
Restaurant Startup
A mother and daughter duo from Brooklyn, N.Y.
American Greed
Trevor Cook runs an investment fund and solicits millions.
American Greed
Nevin Shapiro creates a Ponzi scheme and steals millions.
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
Exploration into Andalucia during Semana Santa.
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Director Richard Linklater.
Key & Peele
Samuel and Lashawn celebrate a now-legal marriage.
Key & Peele
Keegan isn't allowed to board his flight; a boxer.
South Park
A neighboring town gets flooded.
Fast N' Loud
Aaron overrides Richard's instructions for a Mustang.
Fast N' Loud
Double Muscle
American Muscle
Nick Swisher must get into shape for spring training.
Cast out of Asgard, the Norse god lands on Earth.
American Pickers
Mike and Frank are determined to fill a shipping container.
American Pickers
The guys gain access to Bill's south Florida stockpile.
American Pickers
Mike and Frank meet an octogenarian artist.
Drugs, Inc.
Denver's legalization may be downfall of gang dealers.
Drugs, Inc.
PCP remains in the southeast area of Washington, D.C.
Drugs, Inc.
Portland funding the deadliest drug market in the Northwest.
Every Witch Way
Emma's cloning spell makes her social life go haywire.
Full House
The family stays at Lake Tahoe for a taping.
Full House
The family wants Jesse and Rebecca to reflect on marriage.
Full House
The family gets marooned on the way to Hawaii.
An officer and an undercover unit work together.
Texas police search a known drug house.
A passenger reaches for a gun.
A male suspect forces officers into a altercation.
The 6th Day
A helicopter pilot is cloned without his consent.
The son of the devil fights paranormal creatures.
Elaine's boyfriend tells Jerry about Italian villas.
Family Guy
Superstore puts all the local shops out of business.
Family Guy
Brian and Stewie find themselves in boot camp.
The Big Bang Theory
Raj and Howard set up an online dating profile for Sheldon.
A repossessed storage unit may be connected to a murder.
A dying man stumbles into Castle's backyard.
Evidence links Castle to a ritualistic murder.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A boy witnesses his mother's assault and murder.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
The team looks for a teen involved in self-mutilation.
Logan Sanders is brought in to the SEC for questioning.