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Dealing with the problematic vice president.
American Crime
A veteran is murdered and his wife is assaulted.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Wolowitz clash over work; Amy throws a party.
Bonnie and Christy are stunned when they see Regina.
Holmes investigates when he becomes a murder suspect.
People vanish, leaving only their clothes behind.
The Mentalist
A copycat murder looks like those of Red John.
Dish Nation
Rumors about Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.
The Blacklist
Reddington is drawn into a game with a powerful family.
The FBI suspects a mole in the organization.
The Jewish Journey: America
Scholars and others discuss Jewish immigration to the U.S.
Justin Hayward: Spirits ... Live
Singer Justin Hayward performs Moody Blues classics.
After the First 48
Police suspect a prostitute is lying to them about a murder.
The chase for a suspected car thief; children in distress.
Jurassic Park III
A search party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror.
Jurassic Park III
A search party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror.
Ice Cold Gold
Highlights of the miner's journey through the arctic.
Ice Cold Gold
The team learns that the Red Zone has become restricted.
The Real Housewives of Melbourne
The women vow to put last year's conflicts behind them.
Vanderpump Rules
Tom confronts Jax at SUR's annual photo shoot.
Vanderpump Rules
Tom confronts Jax at SUR's annual photo shoot.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland discovers that his parents plan to remarry.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland takes a struggling rapper under his wing.
American Dad
Stan joins Steve and Roger's fictional detective agency.
American Dad
A hex turns Stan into an frail, elderly man.
American Greed
A couples life unravels in a fury of greed and hate.
American Greed
Stockbroker Jordan Belfort pleads guilty to fraud.
Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man
Morgan becomes beekeeper to investigate their disappearance.
CNN Tonight
The days biggest stories and most important news coverage.
The guys run from a security guard.
Tosh debuts his homemade sex toy and plays "Is it Racist."
Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff
Comic Amy Schumer's observations on relationships and sex.
Alaska: The Last Frontier
The Kilchers need over 100 pounds of fish for the winter.
Alaska: The Last Frontier
Atz Lee and Elvin brave the bears of "Terrible Island."
The Kelly File
Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.
This Is 40
A husband and wife deal with their approaching middle age.
Slater has the gang swindle the Durhani royal family.
Archer introduces Lana's parents to high-speed chases.
Archer introduces Lana's parents to high-speed chases.
Pawn Stars
A signed picture of the original Star Trek cast.
Pawn Stars
A 1951 Willys Wagon; a pair of 19th Century European swords.
King Ecbert visits the developing Viking settlement as the first harvest is sown.
Building Wild
Building a cabin over a waterfall; repurposing materials.
Ultimate Survival Alaska
In leg ten, teams are dropped on a remote beach.
Full House
Michelle's pet mule makes everyone miserable.
Full House
D.J. falls for Jesse's guitarist, goes on tour.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
An ex-girlfriend claims Carlton fathered her child.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will feels guilty accepting gifts from a plain girl.
Achilles (Brad Pitt) leads Greek forces in the Trojan War.
Badly outnumbered Spartan warriors battle the Persian army.
WWE SmackDown!
WrestleMania updates. Who has the Intercontinental Title?
Wizard Wars
Comedy magicians compete in a '70s-themed Wizard War.
Family Guy
Peter invites his retired father to live with the family.
Family Guy
Paranoid Peter herds the family into the basement over Y2K.
The Big Bang Theory
A wealthy donor makes Leonard question his principles.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Raj's sister rekindle their relationship.
NBA Basketball
Oklahoma City Thunder at Chicago Bulls
NBA Basketball
Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers
Fast Five
Dom Toretto and company ramp up the action in Brazil.
FBI agent Peter Connelly takes a job in Israel.