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Good Day PA
Hosted by Amy Kehm.
The Chew
Fabio Viviani; game day snacks; Halloween door decorations.
General Hospital
Nina exposes a secret; T.J. and Jordan share an exchange.
The Young and the Restless
Nikki's reliance on Paul bothers Christine.
The Bold and the Beautiful
Hope gives Deacon an ultimatum about his romance with Quinn.
The Talk
Jimmy Smits; Irika Sargent; Cheryl Hickey; Boyz II Men.
Judge Faith
Driving recklessly and knocking down a light pole.
The People's Court
Wedding Dress Rental Ruckus
Judge Mathis
A woman sues her daughter for repayment of a loan.
The Steve Wilkos Show
Mark was charged with abuse when his baby's leg was broken.
The crew sets its sites on a funeral director.
Da Vinci's Inquest
Leary and Shannon investigate the death of a cabbie.
Days of our Lives
Will and Sonny butt heads over the article.
The Meredith Vieira Show
Bridget Moynahan; Nicholas Sparks; Nico & Vinz perform.
Peg Plus Cat
Peg gets stuck in a tree; horizontal and vertical lines.
Super Why!
Super Why and his friends help Duckling accept himself.
Thomas & Friends
Belle wants to be friends with Toby; Search and Rescue.
Sesame Street
Sesame Street-O-Saurus
CSI: Miami
A man's mistress ends up dead as a divorce battle brews.
CSI: Miami
A team member's problems taint the current investigation.
Criminal Minds
A killer preys on families while they are away on vacation.
Friday the 13th -- A New Beginning
A new masked killer brutally slays unsuspecting teenagers.
Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives
Jason returns in search of new teenage prey.
The Haunted
A woman is menaced by a dark, shadowy presence.
The Haunted
A family is frightened by strange occurances in their home.
Monsters Inside Me
A factory worker begins to go blind; a massive outbreak.
Below Deck
Captain Lee must decide how to handle Andrew.
Teen Titans Go!
Raven shows the team how fun books can be.
The Amazing World of Gumball
Gumball is jealous when he sees Leslie with Penny.
The Amazing World of Gumball
Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone.
Steven Universe
Amethyst cracks her gemstone.
Steven Universe
Steven wants to make up for missed birthdays.
Fast Money Halftime Report
Scott Wapner and top investors get to the heart of the action on Wall Street.
Power Lunch
Today's news on the economy, markets, real estate, media and technology.
Street Signs
Information about under-the-radar stocks and market trends help investors make wise choices.
Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
Exploring the day's most compelling legal stories.
Wolf Blitzer discusses issues in the nation's capital and breaking stories around the world.
CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
Juwanna Mann
An ex-NBA player dresses in drag to join a women's league.
Juwanna Mann
An ex-NBA player dresses in drag to join a women's league.
Daniel takes his shirt off; a Web redemption.
Daniel takes his shirt off; a Web redemption.
The bumbling surfer; the ultimate motor boat; a phone app.
The bumbling surfer; the ultimate motor boat; a phone app.
Alaska Marshals
Marshals search for fugitives while battling the elements.
Yukon Men
A double homicide rocks the town; Joey builds a raft.
Yukon Men
Joey floats a truck on a primitive log raft for 150 miles.
Four female panelists and one male colleague share their perspectives on the day's top news stories.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson
Perspectives on the headlines of the day with a focus on crime, politics and investigative reports.
An architect's new remote controls his universe.
How I Met Your Mother
Ted romantically pursues his beautiful dermatologist.
American Restoration
A 1950s Bevador beverage cooler; a rare 1940s Rexair vacuum.
American Restoration
A 1950s bowling equipment vending machine is brought in.
American Restoration
Rick Harrison looks for a birthday present for his son.
American Restoration
A client cruises in with a 1962 mini-Corvette.
Car S.O.S
Wowing car owners with expert revamps of iconic motors.
Alaska State Troopers
A stolen vehicle in icy conditions; a car accident.
Border Wars
A drug smuggling tunnel and narcotics in a freight train.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Crusher steals all of Gabby's tools, and Blaze helps her.
PAW Patrol
A baby elephant gets loose when the circus comes to town.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol attend a Halloween party on a pirate ship.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob gets distracted while trying to write an essay.
Tattoo Nightmares
A tattoo of an '80s heartthrob; a police officer's tattoo.
Tattoo Nightmares
A client reveals a heart wrenching secret to his wife.
Tattoo Nightmares
Gus attempts to rid a girl of an evil vampire squid.
Ink Master
The craziest Ink Master fights, tattoos and eliminations.
Face Off
The artists must create twisted tree characters.
Face Off
The artists have to successfully mash-up two animals.
Face Off
Re-imagining characters from "The Wonderful World of Oz."
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland celebrates Thanksgiving.
American Dad
Stan convinces a friend to get married for selfish reasons.
American Dad
Stan tries to bond with Steve by creating a female alias.
Family Guy
The Griffins get invited to join the country club.
An escaped convict's remains turn up in the sewer.
The team investigates an extreme couponer's death.
A corpse that has been dyed blue is found in a landfill.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Man wakes up with a dead woman in his bed.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A boy is raped by the leader of a civil rights group.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Murder victim is connected to a drug cartel.