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Shepherd's Chapel
With Pastor Arnold Murray.
Secrets of Brain Health
Prevagen is clinically shown to help with memory problems.
Kenneth Copeland
Pastor George Pearsons; host Gloria Copeland.
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The Daily Buzz
Daily news on the issues, events, travel, trends, celebrities, entertainment and more.
Nazi Mega Weapons
The SS comes to control every aspect of the Third Reich.
Clifford the Big Red Dog
The dogs' flower garden; Capt. Birdwell's trunk.
Muffy learns about her great-great grandmother.
New P90X 3!
Work out just 30 minutes a day with the all new P90X 3!
Healthy Meals in Minutes!
Improve your Health with the countertop NuWave Oven.
A Clean Start This New Year with Shark Rocket!
Carpet Cleaning; vacuum 1/3 the cost of the competition.
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CSI: Miami
An 18-year-old investigator is murdered at a hip nightclub.
More Sex, Less Stress
Androzene promotes male sexual health & nourishes the body.
Finding Bigfoot
The team trek to the haunted forests of Pennsylvania.
Orangutan Island
Hormone-fueled Palas Island males go on a rampage.
Escape to Chimp Eden
The five baby chimps Eugene rescued join the other chimps.
Total Gym for $14.95
Total Gym Fit is the only fitness equipment you need.
Healthy made easy this new year!
One-Touch Intelligence For Healthier Living, Made Easy.
Tabatha's Salon Takeover
The owner of Salon Tika learns he has MS.
The Venture Bros.
The Ventures travel to the Gargantua-2 space station.
King of the Hill
Hank cannot stand Bobby's jokes any longer.
Teen Titans Go!
Cyborg is possessed by a "Grandma Voice."
Teen Titans Go!
Raven is fragmented into five distinct personalities.
Worldwide Exchange
Wilfred Frost and Seema Mody consider the business stories that have global significance.
Squawk Box
Business news and talk as the trading day unfolds on Wall Street.
Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans
The latest breaking news and trending stories.
New Day
The latest news, weather and high interest stories.
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DermaWand- Look years younger!
Younger looking skin with only 2 three min treatments a day.
Keith Urban The Player Series Guitar & Lessons: 30 Songs in 30 Days
Learn how to play 30 songs in 30 days with Keith Urban!
Six Star Knife Set
All the knives you'll ever need.
Henry Rifles - Made in USA Part 2
The return of the Original Henry Rifle, Tribute Editions and hunting models. Free catalog.
Airbrushed Beauty
Let Luminess Air improve your everyday beauty needs.
Lose weight fast with Nutrisystem's Fast Five Plus
Jumpstart your weight loss with Fast Five Plus!
FOX and Friends First
News coverage with rotating hosts.
FOX and Friends
News, features and interviews.
Six Star Knife Set
All the knives you'll ever need.
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BISSELL: Easy Hard Floor Cleaning
Order now and receive FREE Shipping! BISSELL(R) Symphony(tm)
Marie Osmond reveals her secret to emergency preparedness with Wise
Marie Osmond - Have a Plan and Be Prepared with Wise!
Nuvo H20 Say Goodbye to Scale and Hard Water Spots
No more lime, scale, and hard water spots.
Engineering an Empire
The architecture and infrastructure behind Aztec society.
Chinatown Mafia
A mobster tries to flood the U.S. with China white heroin.
Sexy In 2015!
Ready for amazing results in just 3 weeks?
New NutriBullet Rx! Hot Soup in Minutes!
The New NutriBullet Rx has a 2.3hp motor,makes hot soup!
How I Met Your Mother
Lily is upset when Ted brings a date to her birthday dinner.
How I Met Your Mother
Lily wants to get a gun after Marshall is mugged.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
A successful businessman offers Will an internship.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
A new student trying to seduce Will befriends Lisa.
Never Fear Power Outages
Stand up to unforeseen outages with Generac.
Men's Health: All Natural Secret for Prostate Health
Prosvent helps protect overall prostate health.
Lovemaking Secrets!
Androzene(R) is a sexual health supplement.
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The Twilight Zone
Two families steal a spaceship to escape atomic war.
The Twilight Zone
Flight 107 arrives on schedule, but empty.
The NutriBullet Rx: 2.3 horsepower makes the world's healthiest drinks
The New NutriBullet Rx has a 2.3hp motor and makes hot soup!
Fighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope
Inspiring stories from Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
America's Funniest Home Videos
Easter mishaps include an elk that finds Easter eggs.
Married ... With Children
The Bundys think that Kelly has a rich secret admirer.
Rules of Engagement
Jeff, Audrey and their surrogate see a fertility specialist.
Married ... With Children
Bud volunteers to be in a study on virtual reality sex.
Law & Order
Van Buren shoots two youths who accost her at an ATM.
Law & Order
Parents with an unusual psychological illness.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A 12-year-old is hospitalized with pregnancy complications.
Chrisley Knows Best
Todd wants Savannah and Chase to get summer jobs.
Burn Notice
Michael and Fiona pose as hackers to steal information.