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Huck and Olivia come to startling realizations.
Judge Judy
A woman believes that her neighbors stole her purebred dog.
The Insider
Shark week; hunks of Wimbeldon.
Paid Programming
Paid programming.
Blue Bloods
A woman is killed by a dose of lidocaine.
The Good Wife
A litigious client is murdered; Diane receives an offer.
Anger Management
Charlie and Sean try to score with a woman from out of town.
Jeff tries to partner with Britta for a class project.
The Closer
Brenda cannot get a suspect to confess.
White Collar
Neal joins the crew of a wealthy Yankees fan.
Raising Hope
Maw Maw's new boyfriend encourages a reckless activity.
Bender fathers a child with the office soda machine.
Fry is befriended by a young monster after being marooned.
The Office
Outrage breaks out in the office.
Saturday Night Live
Host Amy Adams; One Direction performs.
Your Move With Andy Stanley
The connotations and meaning of the word "Christian."
Operation Wild
Vets in China keep baby pandas alive; operation for gorilla.
First Peoples
Ancient humans living across Asia when homo sapiens arrived.
Storage Wars
Revisiting the largest windfalls from the series.
Independence Day
Earthlings vs. evil aliens in 15-mile-wide ships.
The Hawkins family purchases a Synth named Anita.
Call of the Wildman
The rest of the team helps when Turtleman has the flu.
Call of the Wildman: More Live Action!
Cole joins up with Team Turtle on an assignment.
Call of the Wildman
Turtleman and Neal take on honeybees and gnarly gar.
Call of the Wildman
Turtleman and Neal face danger in Forgotten Valley.
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
The Bakers' vacation turns competitive.
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
The Bakers' vacation turns competitive.
Dragon Ball Z Kai
The eldest Namekian unlocks Krillin's dormant power.
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Vegeta attempts to steal the Dragon Balls from Frieza.
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Krillin reluctantly surrenders his Dragon Ball.
Dragon Ball Z Kai
Krillin and Gohan are intercepted by Vegeta.
The Profit
Marcus helps the owner of a New York cupcake shop.
The Profit
Marcus returns to four companies he has invested in.
Death Row Stories
Joyce Ride becomes intrigued by the case of Gloria Killian.
Death Row Stories
Re-election campaign could decide fate of death row inmate.
Hot Tub Time Machine
Four pals go back in time to their 1980s heyday.
Fast N' Loud
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman search for forgotten and derelict classic cars to restore.
Fast N' Loud
Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman search for forgotten and derelict classic cars to restore.
The Greg Gutfeld Show
The outspoken TV personality interviews newsmakers and presents his humorous take on current events.
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America battles the evil HYDRA organization.
Mike & Molly
Carl meets an attractive woman at the diner.
Mike & Molly
Molly is affected when Mike encourages his mom to get a job.
Sons of Liberty
Sam and Hancock begin training their own army.
Locked Up Abroad
Three men tunnel their way out of a Mexican prison.
Locked Up Abroad
Two Americans face six years in prison on drug charges.
Ross tries to prevent Emily from returning to London.
Gals pick up Emily's bridal gown; Joey snores too much.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will sees beyond a blind date's size to the woman within.
A boxer beats the odds to make something of himself.
Rocky II
Rocky stages a rematch with champion Apollo Creed.
The Twilight Zone
The Earth begins moving closer to the sun.
The Twilight Zone
A man tells of a prisoner in a monastery.
The Twilight Zone
Tiny invaders from space terrorize a woman.
The Twilight Zone
A ventriloquist (Cliff Robertson) thinks his dummy is alive.
Cougar Town
Jules gets a large check; Grayson tries to seem cool.
Happy Gilmore
A hockey player with a powerful swing joins the PGA tour.
Terminator Salvation
Humanity fights back against Skynet's machine army.
Bad Boys II
Two detectives battle a drug kingpin in Miami.
Royal Pains
Hank goes to Manhattan with Olympia; Divya's visitor.
WWE Tough Enough
Male and female competitors train in and out of the ring.
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