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Heart to Heart
Specialists discuss medical conditions pertaining to the heart.
Grey's Anatomy
Herman and Arizona bond over the cases they are working on.
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel Around the World Week
The Big Bang Theory
Penny and Sheldon design an experiment as a joke.
The Odd Couple
Oscar is hired to ghostwrite an autobiography.
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon wants to get rid of his girlfriend.
The Big Bang Theory
Faced with an uncertain future, Sheldon considers a change.
The Vampire Diaries
As Kai learns how to use his magic, he holds Elena captive.
Ross and Chandler argue over the authorship of a joke.
Cougar Town
Jules is upset that Grayson thinks she is predictable.
The Mentalist
Investigating the murder of a media mogul.
Entertainment Tonight
Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon ("The Odd Couple").
The Slap
While trying to balance issues, Anouk makes a discovery.
The First 48
Stabbing victim in Dallas; deadly club night in Miami.
The First 48
The murder of a father shot in the back.
Ocean's Eleven
A suave ex-con assembles a team to rob a casino vault.
Oscar-winning account of the doomed 1912 ocean liner.
Wild West Alaska
Ken is in jeopardy of losing his "love palace" on wheels.
Wild West Alaska
Phred, Hans, Ken and Niels must resolve their differences.
Vanderpump Rules
Lisa hosts a puppy adoption event at PUMP.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The women embark on a group trip to Amsterdam.
Adventure Time
TV sets out to solve a decades-old mystery.
Regular Show
Benson wants to feel better about himself.
Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: The Tournament of Elements
The Ninja are invited to partake in the Tournament of Elements.
Regular Show
Benson wants to feel better about himself.
King of the Hill
Bizarre last requests from Hank's father.
King of the Hill
Luanne creates a franchise around her Manger Baby puppets.
The Car Chasers
Jeff goes after a Ferrari Mondial and a Camaro Z-28.
The Car Chasers
Jeff comes up with a risky move to sell a military vehicle.
Shark Tank
Beer-infused ice cream; pre-packaged meals for pets.
South Park
Chef protests the South Park flag.
Broad City
A cruise; Lincoln and Jaime fend for themselves.
Adam and his father give Gramps a proper DeMamp funeral.
Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
The high-flying stoners are mistaken for terrorists.
Alaska: The Last Frontier
The Kilcher's prepare for winter's first snow storm.
Alaska: The Last Frontier
The storms hit earlier than expected; search for a calf.
A CIA agent poses as a producer to rescue Americans in Iran.
Men in Black 3
Agent J (Will Smith) goes back in time to save K's life.
Pawn Stars
A pair of tickets is brought in to the shop.
Pawn Stars
A nightstick possibly owned by Ulysses S. Grant.
Pawn Stars
Artwork from the 1995 Batman-Spiderman crossover comic.
Pawn Stars
A signed Red Hot Chili Peppers album comes into the shop.
Smoky Mountain Money
Four teams set out to hunt for highly valuable ginseng root.
Cabin Fever
A getaway home for the Brimhalls in Brian Head, Utah.
The Thundermans
Phoebe enlists Max's help in a tennis tournament.
The Haunted Hathaways
Frankie is suspicious of one of Louie's classmates.
Full House
Jesse inherits a San Francisco nightclub.
Full House
Michelle tries to act grown-up, leading to problems.
Deputies in Texas pursue a truck hauling golf carts.
An officer is forced to discharge his Taser gun.
Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.
Officers in Texas chase down a man after a bar fight.
Silent Hill: Revelation
Demonic forces threaten to engulf a teenager.
WWE SmackDown!
Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback vs. Rollins, Kane & Big Show.
Jerry doesn't have the nerve to dump his regular barber.
A nonfat-yogurt shop may be making false claims.
Family Guy
Peter brings Meg to college for an interview.
Family Guy
Stewie goes back in time and ends up in a British household.
A young mathematician is shot with a 200-year-old bullet.
NBA Basketball
Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A case puts Benson and Stabler in the line of fire.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
The team investigates accusations against the 12th Precinct.