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The Chew
Jacques Torres; Valerie Bertinelli; Joanne Chang.
General Hospital
News about Luke is revealed; Silas and Sam find new clues.
Assaulting unsuspecting victims; Jessie Mueller performs.
The Bold and the Beautiful
Deacon hopes to change Brooke's opinion of Bill.
The Talk
Jason Biggs; Damien Fahey; Maria Menounos.
The Queen Latifah Show
Randy Jackson; the Golden Sisters; War performs.
The People's Court
Rental Car Ruckus
Judge Mathis
The plaintiff's aunt says he cheated on his girlfriend.
The Bill Cunningham Show
Women suspect their fiances of cheating.
It Could Happen to You
A patrolman and a waitress split a lottery jackpot.
Days of our Lives
Sonny confronts Sami; Sami seeks help from E.J.
Rachael Ray
Chicken pot pie; fried chicken; chicken-noodle soup.
Dr. Phil
A man accused of child molestation is found dead.
Thomas & Friends
Thomas needs his whistle fixed; giant balloon.
Peg Plus Cat
Peg and Cat learn about fractions; flying pizza pirates.
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
A chunky cookie helps stop Nick's tummy from rumbling.
Curious George
George meets Mrs. Renkins' 5-year-old granddaughter.
The First 48
A shooting in a snow-covered field presents challenges.
The First 48
A drive-by shooting victim is the founder of a street gang.
The First 48
A wheelchair-bound man is murdered; man stabbed in a car.
The Bone Collector
A paralyzed detective guides the hunt for a serial killer.
Jerry Maguire
A crisis of conscience costs a sports agent his job.
Space Cowboys
NASA reunites four aging flyboys for an urgent mission.
Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe travels to Montana to the Spring Brook Ranch.
Dirty Jobs
Mike explores the world of special effects.
Dirty Jobs
Mike helps out a ranch that has and breeds exotic animals.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
The ladies enjoy their time in Bali; confront Tamra.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
The ladies enjoy their time in Bali; confront Tamra.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
At dinner at Vicki's, tensions still run high.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
At dinner at Vicki's, tensions still run high.
Don't Be Tardy ...
The Biermanns go to Destin, Fla., for a vacation.
Don't Be Tardy ...
Uninvited guests disrupt the Biermann's vacation.
Teen Titans Go!
Starfire believes she has killed Beast Boy.
Teen Titans Go!
Cyborg is possessed by a "Grandma Voice."
Adventure Time
Finn and Jake are saved by the ex-Goblin King.
Adventure Time
Josh & Margaret
Adventure Time
Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
Power Lunch
Today's news on the economy, markets, real estate, media and technology.
Street Signs
Information about under-the-radar stocks and market trends help investors make wise choices.
Closing Bell
A guide through the most important hour of the Wall Street trading day.
Wolf Blitzer discusses issues in the nation's capital and breaking stories around the world.
CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
The guys plan their first acid trip.
Blake imagines a future where the machines have taken over.
Nathan for You
Nathan gives advice to a toy company; a movie theater.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The gang throws a house party for all of Dee's old flings.
Bering Sea Gold
Hank's megadredge is close to claim-jumping.
Bering Sea Gold
Tempers flare; captains question the loyalty of their crews.
Bering Sea Gold
The Pomrenkes hit pay dirt; Scott asks Hank for his old job.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson
Perspectives on the headlines of the day with a focus on crime, politics and investigative reports.
Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith pulls together new technologies and social media to bring viewers the latest in news.
Baby Mama
A career woman (Tina Fey) hires a surrogate mother.
How I Met Your Mother
Marshall tries to prove that a female colleague kissed him.
How I Met Your Mother
Barney attempts to have the perfect week.
Marcus dips back into the dating pool; Allen forms a jury.
Mankind The Story of All of Us
The Aztecs build a mighty empire in Central America.
Mankind The Story of All of Us
Ancient traditions are swept away in the name of science.
Wicked Tuna
Crew answers a Coast Guard call to help a boat in distress.
Wicked Tuna
The Gloucester fleet gets desperate to get a huge catch.
Brain Games
Surprising facts about attraction; all in your head.
Rabbids Invasion
An old man carves a wooden Rabbid puppet; two Rabbids fight.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Leo stages a rescue for Karai against Splinter's wishes.
The Fairly OddParents
Timmy wishes for new friends for his parents.
The Fairly OddParents
Cosmo's brother comes to visit; Poof runs away.
The Outlaws.
The most notorious outlaw biker gang in Detroit.
Sex Money Murder and G-shine battle in Trenton, N.J.
Iron Invader
A gigantic iron statue springs to life, going on a rampage.
Astronauts awake on a seemingly abandoned spacecraft.
American Dad
Francine and Stan visit the world's biggest water park.
American Dad
Stan convinces a friend to get married for selfish reasons.
American Dad
Stan tries to bond with Steve by creating a female alias.
The King of Queens
Doug tries to make Carrie feel for her 35th birthday.
A decaying corpse is found hanging from a tree.
A human arm is found in the stomach of a bear.
Brennan identifies remains of a missing 6-year-old boy.
The wife and daughter of a Navy captain are kidnapped.
The team uncovers a Mafia dumping ground.
Protecting a soldier targeted by terrorists.