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Live! With Kelly and Michael
Kristen Stewart ("Still Alice"); Grant Gustin.
Rachael Ray
NFL star Jesse Palmer; Buffalo chicken sliders.
The 700 Club
International news with a Christian perspective and inspiring stories of faith and hope.
The Doctors
Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom"); weight-loss cleanse.
Guests fear that their significant others are unfaithful.
The Real
Holly Robinson Peete; healthy choices to satisfy cravings.
The Wendy Williams Show
Chloe Melas ("The Gossip Table"); chef Kelsey Nixon.
Aarti Sequeira; Patrick J. Adams; Francine Baras.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel and his classmates choose a class pet; playground.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Prince Wednesday wishes he weren't so little; playhouse.
Sesame Street
Veggies Revolt
Dog the Bounty Hunter
The team tracks an ex-con who is facing a five-year stretch.
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Tim Chapman helps Dog track an elusive fugitive.
Criminal Minds
The team investigates of a series of bludgeonings.
The Three Stooges
Shemp hits a quiz-show jackpot.
The Three Stooges
Cop Stooges meet an explosive gorilla.
Green Zone
Army inspectors seek weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Call of the Wildman
An unknown critter threatens business at a drive-in theater.
Call of the Wildman
Pesky critters threaten a carnival and a playground.
Call of the Wildman
A stolen mascot from a rival football team must be tamed.
Call of the Wildman
Critters are gnawing on expensive items in an antique store.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Cynthia realizes her friendship with NeNe is over.
Friends to Lovers?
Five sets of real-life friends try to go to the next level.
Friends to Lovers?
First dates between best friends prove to be problematic.
The Amazing World of Gumball
The Wattersons are in danger; Teri is afraid of germs.
Looney Tunes
The adventures of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and friends.
Tom & Jerry
Cat Tom and mouse Jerry try to outwit each other.
Squawk on the Street
Opening bell market action.
CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello
Carol Costello brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello
Carol Costello brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Actress Anne Hathaway.
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
A humorous slant on top news stories.
The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore
Jamilah Lemieux; Kathleen Madigan; Baratunde Thurston.
The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore
Larry Wilmore and his guests take on current events and pop culture with their own unique views.
South Park
Cartman tries to get Kenny out of his body.
South Park
Cartman tries to get Kenny out of his body.
Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder
Turning a '69 Dodge Coronet Convertible into a tribute.
Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder
Tommy helps a friend with a 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS.
America's Newsroom
News coverage and discussion.
Premium Rush
A bike messenger tries to elude an assassin on his tail.
Safe House
A rookie and a renegade operative try to evade assassins.
Secrets of the Founding Fathers
Freemasonry's connections with America's founding fathers.
American Pickers
An auctioneer's collection; Mike's dream VW pick.
Monster Fish
Fishermen tell of giant catfish.
Monster Fish
A quest to catch a "river shark" in Fla.
PAW Patrol
Digger and Rocky help Ryder fill the pool with water.
Hungry customers pour into Wally's pretend restaurant.
Wally and Norville must teach grumpy Stan how to play.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Crusher challenges Blaze to a game of truckball.
Bar Rescue
Jon helps a former strip club in Reseda, Calif., to succeed.
An officer investigates a distress call from an apartment.
Bar Rescue
Jon patches holes in a sinking pirate-themed bar.
Domestic violence in Palm Beach, Fla.; possession of meth.
A college student learns about her family's dark secret.
Eight Below
Abandoned sled dogs struggle to survive.
Pandora's Box falls into the hands of a demon.
Castiel must rescue an angel being held captive by Crowley.
Running Scared
A gun winds up in the wrong hands.
NCIS: Los Angeles
An ex-Marine is suspected of making a chemical bomb.