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A handsome stranger sparks Olivia's interest.
Judge Judy
An assault with a baseball bat; a car crash kills a tree.
The Insider
Making a Super Bowl commercial.
Larry King Special Report
Larry King investigates Omega XL.
The Good Wife
Alicia faces Louis Canning in a class-action suit.
Anger Management
Charlie creates chaos and surprises his therapy group.
Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World
Renaissance Pleasure Faire: costume designer, falconer.
The Closer
Provenza gets stuck in an embarrassing situation.
White Collar
Neal orchestrates a con in order to face Kate's murderer.
The crew seeks the meaning of a strange alien melody.
Fry searches to recover a seven-leaf clover.
The Office
The press learns that Sabre's printers catch on fire.
Rachel's life-changing encounter; Tina's inner goth.
Saturday Night Live
Host J.K. Simmons; D'Angelo and the Vanguard perform.
Entertainment Tonight
Celebrities at the Super Bowl.
Penguins surround a post office on the Antarctic Peninsula.
Scientists explore the underlying forces behind sinkholes.
Secrets of the Dead
Skeletal remains in Ben Franklin's residence.
Donnie Loves Jenny
The couple make final preparations for their wedding.
Donnie Loves Jenny
Donnie helps Jenny prepare her single father for a date.
Donnie Loves Jenny
Jenny must adjust to sharing Evan's care with Donnie.
Donnie Loves Jenny
Donnie helps Jenny prepare her single father for a date.
Donnie Loves Jenny
Jenny pushes Donnie to take better care of his health.
The Departed
An undercover cop and a criminal lead double lives.
Treehouse Masters
NTS team create a meditation space for West Seattle couple.
Treehouse Masters
Pete takes on a cool project for two tastemakers in Maine.
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Tia recruits twins and a work-release prisoner for rescues.
Little Fockers
The whole clan arrives for the Focker twins' birthday.
Office Space
A white-collar worker rebels against corporate drudgery.
Inuyasha: The Final Act
Kikyo tries to purify Naraku and his Shikon shards.
One Piece
Usopp and Zoro fight animal assassins.
Gurren Lagann
Oh, God, To How Far Will You Test Us?
Deadman Wonderland
Ganta learns that using his powers recklessly can be deadly.
The Suze Orman Show
The steps to take to get out of credit card debt.
American Greed
A con man runs a fake green energy business.
New P90X 3!
Work out just 30 minutes a day with the all new P90X 3!
Forensic Files
Police find photographs in trash bin.
Forensic Files
A badly burned body is discovered.
Forensic Files
A woman dies in a suspicious horseback-riding accident.
Forensic Files
A serial killer leaves behind tire treads and thread.
Key & Peele
Sketches include an introduction to East/West Bowl players.
Key & Peele
Sketches include a football player inspires his team.
South Park
The boys name their new company The Washington Redskins.
South Park
South Park Elementary addresses a concussion crisis.
Firearm cliches; firing a bent-barreled shotgun.
The team tackles two problems.
Justice With Judge Jeanine
Judge Jeanine Pirro presents legal insight on news of the week.
Current consumer issues.
Red Eye
Discussing the day's hottest topics.
Louie meets a comedian; Louie has a bad day with a bad kid.
Two and a Half Men
Evelyn makes Charlie and Alan regret their comments.
Two and a Half Men
Alan tries to bond with Jake; Kandi's new career.
AJ and Lina encourage Russ to consider a real estate deal.
Appalachian Outlaws
Tony doubles down on the biggest order of his career.
Appalachian Outlaws
Greg and his truck get a reminder from the Simpsons.
Appalachian Outlaws
Chinese buyers place the biggest order of Tony's career.
Drugs, Inc.
Inside the stories of drug users who are lost in addiction.
Underworld, Inc.
Restricted or illegal forms of underground gambling.
Underworld, Inc.
People smugglers make it difficult to cross the US border.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray spends time with his friend (Kevin James).
Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray and Robert meet members of the 1969 New York Mets.
How I Met Your Mother
Barney's feelings for Nora make him worry about his heart.
How I Met Your Mother
The gang points out things each other never learned.
Salt Lake City, Austin, and Las Vegas.
The jails of Austin, Texas; Wayne, N.J.
A woman needs to sober up; a man tries to bite his fingers.
A woman kicks an officer in the face; a man is arrested.
An assassin tries to protect a man and his daughter.
12 Monkeys
A man is sent back in time to stop a virus.
12 Monkeys
A patient in a mental institution may hold the plague's key.
King of the Nerds
Cosplayer Ya Ya Han and actress Tara Strong judge.
A couple tries to get rid of an annoying neighbor.
Public Enemies
G-man Melvin Purvis vows to capture John Dillinger.
Modern Family
Mitch and Cam move from one contingency plan to another.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A dog discovers a human head in Jackpot, Nev.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Team must find new evidence to convict a suspect.