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General Hospital
Sonny's behavior overwhelms Olivia; Jordan proves herself.
Implants for people with paralysis; Alan Thicke; Bob Harper.
Judge Judy
A woman sues her ill son for living expenses.
The Talk
Boy George; Heather Tom and David Tom; Anne Burrell.
The Queen Latifah Show
Jackie Collins; Jaime Pressly; vocal impressionist performs.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Billy Crystal; Dax Shepard; tWitch; Frank Turner performs.
Judge Mathis
A woman sues her brother for unpaid loans.
The Bill Cunningham Show
Siblings try to resolve conflict in their relationships.
Steve says Tommisha's child is too light-skinned to be his.
Only You
A hapless romantic must choose between two women.
EP Daily
"Trials Fusion"; "Transcendence"; "LEGO: The Hobbit."
The Wendy Williams Show
Miss Piggy; Dr. Robi Ludwig and Jennifer Hutt.
Rachael Ray
Greg Kinnear; Bob Harper; Judy Greer; sliced steak club sub.
Dr. Phil
Mother-in-law trouble; Ronnie Dunn performs.
The Dr. Oz Show
Easing pain in the back, knees and shoulders; shingles.
Dinosaur Train
The family meets Kenny Kentrosaurus; guided walk tour.
Peg Plus Cat
Peg and Cat work on the set for the Blockettes.
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Single-celled creatures; seeds travel through the air.
Curious George
George creates a vending machine; George's new scarf.
Criminal Minds
The team investigates when four men from Oregon go missing.
The First 48
A woman in Detroit is shot in her home.
The First 48
A grandfather is shot after answering his front door.
The Bone Collector
A paralyzed detective guides the hunt for a serial killer.
Pit Boss
Shorty makes a decision that the staff does not like.
Corey, T-Monkey and Ricky become stranded in the swamp.
A dearth of frogs threatens P'Maw's reputation.
Gator Boys: Xtra Bites
Boy jumps in pool with gator; Scott hates gator costume.
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles
John and Colton have shocking family news.
Men in Black
Secret agents monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth.
Flipping Out
Jeff flies to Nashville to help his friend buy a home.
NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu
The Ninjas try to return Garmadon's Helmet of Darkness.
NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu
The spirit of the Overlord possesses Garmadon's body.
NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu
Lloyd and the Ninjas realize the power of light.
NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu
The Ninjas learn to master their elemental weapons.
Street Signs
Information about under-the-radar stocks and market trends help investors make wise choices.
Closing Bell
A guide through the most important hour of the Wall Street trading day.
CNN Newsroom
Latest on the day's top news stories with a focus on global news, trends and destinations.
The Lead With Jake Tapper
Headlines from around the globe; politics to pop culture.
South Park
A fireworks ban threatens Fourth of July festivities.
South Park
Cartman files a sexual harassment suit against Stan.
South Park
South Park waits for the meteor shower; camping.
South Park
Wealthy people invade the humble town of South Park.
Lords of the Car Hoards
Chuck and Rick are stranded in Mexico before a reveal.
Lords of the Car Hoards
The crew rushes to fulfill Chuck's plans for building.
Fast N' Loud
Richard tries to quickly flip cars in order to buy a car.
The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson
Perspectives on the headlines of the day with a focus on crime, politics and investigative reports.
Shepard Smith Reporting
Shepard Smith pulls together new technologies and social media to bring viewers the latest in news.
Your World With Neil Cavuto
Money tips from Wall Street.
The Taking of Pelham 123
Criminals hijack a New York subway train.
Anger Management
Jordan convinces his girlfriend to cut him off.
Two and a Half Men
Walden's ex-business partner wants to make peace.
American Pickers
The guys spot an interesting old Cadillac for sale.
American Pickers
The guys return to visit Hobo Jack's forest sanctuary.
American Pickers
Mike takes his nephew on a pick; the guys visit packrat Tim.
Border Wars
A high-speed chase leads to the discovery of marijuana.
Russia's Toughest Prisons
An exploration into some of Russia's toughest prisons.
San Quentin Unlocked
Thirty days in the California penitentiary.
SpongeBob SquarePants
The health inspector comes to the Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Grammaw kisses SpongeBob in public.
The Fairly OddParents
Timmy's father is too busy to spend time with him.
The Fairly OddParents
Timmy becomes magically talented at soccer.
Smokin' Aces
Hit men converge on Lake Tahoe to rub out a mob informant.
The Rundown
A bounty hunter must find his boss' son in the Amazon.
Haunted Highway
Bear Lake in remote Utah.
Haunted Highway
Investigators search for a feared legend.
Haunted Highway
Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman search for a Skinwalker.
The King of Queens
Arthur asks Holly to stay till she finds a new apartment.
The King of Queens
In-laws displace Doug Heffernan and his 70-inch TV.
Rachel impulsively gives her number to a handsome guy.
Rachel crosses swords with her temporary replacement.
A mummified corpse and a stash of drugs are found at a club.
Brennan and Booth race the clock before an execution.
A bearded man named Kriss Kringle falls from the sky.
A mortar attack in Baghdad turns into a murder.
A serial killer becomes suspicious of Ziva.
Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of a killer.