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Judge Alex Ferrer; chef Rocco DiSpirito; an entrepreneur.
The View
Angie Martinez; Bill de Blasio; Chirlane McCray.
Life Today With James Robison
Robert Morris, Stan & Candace Hare
A woman wants a DNA test to prove her son fathered a baby.
Divorce Court
She says he cares more about bodybuilding than his marriage.
Divorce Court
She wishes he would stop playing video games.
Judge Alex
Dog took its owner's brother's dentures and chewed them up.
The Wendy Williams Show
Author Russell Simmons ("Success Through Stillness").
Judge Mathis
The defendant says her aunt publicly humiliated her online.
Judge Alex
Dog took its owner's brother's dentures and chewed them up.
John Oliver; Juanes performs; Scott Conant; Natalie Dormer.
Steve Harvey
Steve sets up "nerds" with women; allergies.
Sesame Street
Grover becomes Iron Monster, a super hero with a metal suit.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Prince Tuesday baby-sits for Daniel; Miss Elaina's locket.
Super Why!
Littlest Pig wants an adventure.
Sid the Science Kid
Sid and his friends learn what happens to water.
Criminal Minds
A motivational speaker comes under suspicion after a murder.
CSI: Miami
Tipsters help the team in the fight to save a neighborhood.
Bates Motel
Romero receives new evidence in the murder of Miss Watson.
History of the World: Part I
Mel Brooks satirizes the foibles of civilized man.
The Last Samurai
A Westerner learns the ways of the samurai in the 1870s.
Dirty Jobs
Mike works as an Animal Control Specialist.
Dirty Jobs
Mike visits a cricket farm then a Camel Dairy.
Dirty Jobs
Mike learns what it takes to breed and train sled dogs.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Vicki becomes the topic of gossip; Gretchen visits Slade.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Tamra tries to repair her relationship with Vicki.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Ryan takes on a friend's listing; Fredrik gets green.
Regular Show
Benson tries to make amends to Mordecai and Rigby.
Regular Show
Mordecai and Rigby battle zombies to earn a day off.
Regular Show
Skips tells the story of how he became immortal.
Adventure Time
Finn and Jake try to help a snail named Snorlock.
Adventure Time
Power Animal; Crystals Have Power
Squawk on the Street
Opening bell market action.
Fast Money Halftime Report
Scott Wapner and top investors get to the heart of the action on Wall Street.
CNN Newsroom
Latest on the day's top news stories with a focus on global news, trends and destinations.
At This Hour With Berman and Michaela
Breaking news and developing stories.
Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
Exploring the day's most compelling legal stories.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Mac and Dee attempt to rid the neighborhood of the homeless.
South Park
The boys build rival clubhouses; Wendy, truth or dare.
A freak accident throws a man's life into chaos.
A high school senior disappears after dropping off a friend.
Wicked Attraction
A neighbor and her friends bury an elderly couple alive.
Sins & Secrets
Woman found stabbed to death in her cottage.
America's Newsroom
News coverage and discussion.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
A therapist probes the psyche of a murderous primatologist.
Ancient Aliens
People lead followers to commit acts of violence.
Ancient Aliens
A potential extraterrestrial link to pyramids.
Ancient Aliens
A man claims to have touched a UFO.
Life Below Zero
Lack of food forces Glenn to embark on a long journey.
The Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland, Ohio.
Wild Justice
Poaching ring involved in the black market sale of venison.
Dora the Explorer
Dora and Lucky help three kittens find their lost mittens.
Bubble Guppies
A herd of cows wanders onto the train tracks.
Bubble Guppies
The Bubble Guppies fly an airplane through the sky.
PAW Patrol
Katie and her cat are trapped on a ski lift.
The Barrio Azteca wish to control the U.S.-Mexican border.
Bandidos of San Antonio.
MS-13 of the Washington, D.C., area.
A young man goes to a fairy realm to retrieve a fallen star.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Rising star Ashley becomes a prima donna.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will and Carlton take Nicky to see favorite TV character.
The Office
Michael tries to give Stanley an attitude adjustment.
The Office
Jim hits the golf course with Andy and Kevin.
The spirits of Meg and Agent Henricksen appear.
Dean is shocked when he is transported back in time.
A decomposed body is found in a local alley.
NCIS: Los Angeles
A retired Marine's remains are discovered in Afghanistan.
NCIS: Los Angeles
A CIA agent who once worked with Sam seeks his help.
NCIS: Los Angeles
A death leads the team to dangerous Russian agents.