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Advertising executive Dre happily anticipates a promotion.
Celebrity Wife Swap
Verne Troyer's and Hines Ward's partners swap lives.
Criminal Minds
The BAU tracks a remorseful killer in Virginia.
CSI: Cyber
Certain passengers of a car service are targeted.
Sam tries to figure out what has happened to Dean.
Cougar Town
Jules gives Laurie a place to stay; Bobby is jealous.
The Walking Dead
The farm is in jeopardy; Rick's leadership is questioned.
King of the Hill
Hank's softball team plays against a better team.
iHeartRadio Country Festival
Performances; Jennifer Nettles and Darius Rucker host.
Neil Armstrong's family and friends recall his achievements.
Secrets of the Dead
A Soviet officer refuses to fire a nuclear torpedo.
Storage Wars
Mary launches a daring idea while Ivy keeps it old school.
Storage Wars
Darrell takes on the competition in Moreno Valley, Calif.
Storage Wars
Ivy is excited when the buyers return to Fontana, Calif.
Storage Wars
The buyers hunt for bargains in Riverside, Calif.
I, Robot
A homicide detective tracks a dangerous robot in 2035.
I, Robot
A homicide detective tracks a dangerous robot in 2035.
Serial Killer Tiger at Large
A tiger with an appetite for human flesh, blamed for the deaths of 10, is at large in India.
Man-Eating Zombie Cats
A zombielike pathogen is infecting big cats around the world, turning them into fearless killers.
Killer Hornets From Hell
A brave group of hunters takes on a deadly swarm that's rapidly migrating across the globe.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Luis gets the cold shoulder from a developer's assistant.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Ryan seeks to seal the biggest deal of his life with a kiss.
Bob's Burgers
Louise tries to recreate a Thomas Edison experiment.
American Dad
Terry's father announces he will be coming to town.
American Dad
Hayley and Roger try to attract a frat boy.
Family Guy
Brian dates a blind girl only to find out she hates dogs.
Shark Tank
Helping men with proposals; fur color for dogs.
Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business
Ralph and Anthony receive a million- dollar proposal.
Shark Tank
Stylish baby shoes; emergency food-replacement pill.
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Bourdain and his crew take long-awaited first trip to Iran.
CNN Tonight
The day's biggest stories and most important news coverage.
South Park
Cartman rallies red-haired, freckled children to fight discrimination.
South Park
Jimmy and Timmy join up with the notorious Denver Crips.
Big Time in Hollywood, FL
Tensions run high on the set of Ben and Jack's film.
Airplane Repo: Takeoff
Woman on a Mission
Air Pressure
Sam must deliver supplies to a remote Papuan tribe.
Airplane Repo
Mike Kennedy risks an emergency landing on a remote glacier.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
The Decepticons renew their battle against the Autobots.
American Pickers
Danielle calls the shots from HQ; Frank makes a side deal.
American Pickers
The guys pick one of the biggest barns they've ever seen.
Lost in Transmission
Rutledge and George try to fix a 1964 Ford F100.
Filthy Riches
Gators become increasingly difficult to bag; a black bear.
Yukon Gold
Ken faces a double mutiny; Karl's crew encounters a bear.
Filthy Riches
Gators become increasingly difficult to bag; a black bear.
Full House
Michelle becomes a tomboy to fit in with her male friends.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will feels responsible for Phil's heart attack.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Will sets up English professor with Hilary.
Gang heads to Barbados for a paleontology convention.
A man on a bicycle flees when officers try to question him.
A car crashes after a chase; a man and woman are being lewd.
Police bust suspects with narcotics and drug paraphernalia.
Trading Places
Two men's lives are altered by a bet made between tycoons.
Die Another Day
James Bond and an American spy track a North Korean villain.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard keeps an affair a secret from the gang.
The Big Bang Theory
Wolowitz's security clearance is jeopardized.
The Big Bang Theory
Penny and Bernadette invite Amy to her first slumber party.
Ashton Kutcher; Jon Cryer; Sage Kotsenburg; Kristian Bush.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
A young archaeologist awakens a cursed Chinese emperor.
The Scorpion King
A warrior (The Rock) battles an evil ruler and a sorceress.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A cellist is brutally attacked in her apartment.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Stabler investigates a web of teenage sex.
NCIS: Los Angeles
A man is shot outside of the Vietnamese Consulate.
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