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Inside Edition
TV's "Southern Charm."
The Middle
Frankie begs Rita Glossner to take down her wind chimes.
George, Noah, Fred and Victor go on a camping trip.
Modern Family
The family visits Australia; Mitch and Cam see a friend.
Homesick castaways receive letters from loved ones.
Criminal Minds
Skeletons are discovered in the backyard of a Virginia home.
The Big Bang Theory
An embarrassing secret of Wolowitz's is revealed.
When the mirakuru sends Roy into a blind rage.
The 100
Raven notices the connection between Finn and Clarke.
Rachel dates a guy named Russ, who is a lot like Ross.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Detectives find a secret society obsessed with death.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Murder of a corrections officer reveals prison corruption.
Access Hollywood
Tori Spelling; Jason Patric; People's "50 Most Beautiful."
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A missing girl's boyfriend may be involved with a gang.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Rollins helps a friend press rape charges against her lover.
Snow monkeys in Japan prepare for the changing seasons.
The smartest animals seem to live in complex social groups.
Duck Dynasty
Phil must find a new pet turtle for Miss Kay.
Duck Dynasty
Jase thinks that Willie is experiencing a midlife crisis.
Duck Dynasty
The guys and their wives coach Martin in romance.
Duck Dynasty
The workers go on strike; Miss Kay gets a food truck.
A troubled Marine must protect a Navajo code talker.
U.S. Marshals
Sam Gerard gets caught up in another fugitive case.
Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters
Fugitive with history of resisting arrest; tracked to cabin.
Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters
Barfighter tracked; hunting down homicidal fugitive.
Fighting Tuna
The captains head out into Cape Cod Bay following a storm.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Ryan takes on another, less attractive apartment.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Fredrik faces more roadblocks; Luis has an opportunity.
Million Dollar Listing New York
Fredrik tries the land the biggest listing of his career.
Regular Show
Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost want to crash an RV.
Regular Show
Mordecai buys a new cologne to attract Margaret.
King of the Hill
Peggy persuades lonely Luanne to join a sorority.
King of the Hill
Dale discovers his father is a performer for a gay rodeo.
The Cleveland Show
Rallo befriends tough kids in East Stoolbend.
Billions Behind Bars: Inside America's Prison Industry
Inside the multi-billion dollar corrections industry.
NHL Hockey
Western Conference Quarterfinal, game 4.
American Greed
A former Detroit mayor and his friends abuse public funds.
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Key & Peele
Sketches include Freddy Wong being a creepy Asian ghost.
South Park
A new warehouse superstore threatens South Park.
South Park
The boys try to solve the homeless problem.
Dual Survival
Joe and Cody are marooned on a deserted island in Fiji.
Dual Survival: Untamed
The Atacama Desert in Chile.
Dual Survival
Joe and Cody find themselves in a leech-infested jungle.
Cast out of Asgard, the Norse god lands on Earth.
American Pickers
A former firefighter gives the guys unprecedented access.
American Pickers
The guys pick one of the biggest barns they've ever seen.
American Pickers
Mike and Frank chase a legend in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Border Wars
A high-speed chase leads to the discovery of marijuana.
Border Wars
Rookies learn from veterans on the front lines.
Border Wars
People experience border-related violence in South Texas.
Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat confront a competing baby-sitting service.
Full House
Wayne Newton hires Joey for his Las Vegas act.
Full House
D.J. learns about the dangers of crash dieting.
Full House
Jesse's high-school love gives him second thoughts.
Man on Fire
A bodyguard takes revenge on a girl's kidnappers.
Law Abiding Citizen
A prosecutor gets caught up in a man's elaborate revenge.
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
The designers must build an original underwater creature.
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
The designers must re-create Skeksis by sculpting.
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
Designers must create a fantasy creature.
Family Guy
A retelling of "The Empire Strikes Back."
Family Guy
Lois' mom discovers Carter is having an affair.
The Big Bang Theory
Penny tags along on Sheldon's first date.
NBA Basketball
Eastern Conference First Round, game 2.
NCIS: Los Angeles
Pursuing a suspect harboring a deadly virus.
NCIS: Los Angeles
The team pursues a criminal motivated by revenge.
NCIS: Los Angeles
The team pursues a criminal motivated by revenge.