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Investigative reporting.
Castle goes under cover at an elementary school.
NCIS: Los Angeles
An investigation leads Sam to reflect on his upbringing.
48 Hours
A "Jeopardy!" champion suspected of killing his wife.
Ring of Honor Wrestling
The top young stars in professional wrestling battle in the squared circle.
A dead woman may be a victim of the Ghost Killer.
The Switch
A woman uses a friend's sperm, unknowingly, to get pregnant.
NHL Hockey
Game 2 between New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins.
Father Brown
A guide is hit by an arrow at the opening of Pryde Castle.
Austin City Limits
Alternative rock with the Shins and Dr. Dog.
The Proposal
A woman pretends to be engaged to evade deportation.
Married at First Sight
The newly married couples go on their honeymoons.
Orphan Black
Sarah pursues Helena, who is being held in a compound.
The Day After Tomorrow
Global warming leads to worldwide natural disasters.
World's Biggest Pets
The world's biggest animals romping through homes and neighborhoods.
Treehouse Masters
Pete and the NTS crew build an amazing treehouse.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Kim shares threatening texts she received from Lisa Rinna.
50 First Dates
A man falls for a woman who has short-term memory loss.
50 First Dates
A man falls for a woman who has short-term memory loss.
King of the Hill
Peggy takes a job as a phone operator for Alamo Beer.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland's mom, Cookie, runs away with George Clinton.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland struggles to tell Donna that he quit his job.
The Boondocks
Riley hangs out with juvenile felon Lamilton Taeshawn.
Crime Inc.
Criminal networks of thieves break into everything.
Crime Inc.
Inside the high-tech underworld of media piracy.
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Anthony explores Shanghai by sampling classic cuisine.
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Anthony travels to Myanmar to experience the local cuisines.
Liar Liar
A fast-talking lawyer (Jim Carrey) cannot tell a lie.
Dual Survival
The guys find a use for a broken snowmobile.
Dual Survival
Matt and Joe face hypothermia and predatory mountain lions.
Justice With Judge Jeanine
Judge Jeanine Pirro presents legal insight on news of the week.
Church and State
A grown man has a live teddy bear as a constant companion.
Mike & Molly
Vince tells Mike that he never graduated from high school.
The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved
How our ancestors interpreted astronomical events.
Engineering Disasters
A train crossing is the site of two auto collisions.
Life Below Zero
Alaskans prepare themselves for winter; hunting caribou.
Wicked Tuna
The season passes the halfway point; to continue or quit.
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
The quads give up their favorite possessions for a contest.
The Thundermans
Phoebe tries to turn herself into a bad girl.
Ross toys with dating one of his students.
The 2015 TV Land Awards
Honorees include Betty White and Joan Rivers.
Auction Hunters
A rickshaw, a wrecking ball and blast detonators.
Auction Hunters
Native American used arsenal and vintage carnival gear.
Lip Sync Battle
Actress Anna Kendrick battles actor John Krasinski.
Lip Sync Battle
Hip-hop artist Common lip syncs against singer John Legend.
A vampire protects a medical student from werewolves.
The Big Bang Theory
Raj and Howard set up an online dating profile for Sheldon.
The Big Bang Theory
Penny tags along on Sheldon's first date.
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon attempts to extend his life span.
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon searches for an alternative to human companionship.
Two races of robots wage war on Earth.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
The team targets a photographer with a secret life.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Amaro must face the consequence of his reckless behavior.
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