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Inside Edition
Visiting some of the scariest bridges in America.
The Middle
A school project turns Brick into a tyrannical director.
The Goldbergs
Barry goes overboard as he tries to impress Lainey.
Wheel of Fortune
Girlfriend Getaways
College Championship: Week 2
2 Broke Girls
Max and Caroline make a discovery at a gaming convention.
Mike & Molly
Mike and Molly clash over Molly's free time.
Slim saves the life of a young Arapaho woman.
Walker, Texas Ranger
Alex is shot just as it seems Walker is ready to propose.
Pete plans to compete in an ultimate fighting match.
Cougar Town
Jules wants to host a "romantic" Thanksgiving for Grayson.
The Closer
Death of accountant from Department of Homeland Security.
Entertainment Tonight
Gwen Stefani; 35 years of "ET" at the Grammy Awards.
Access Hollywood
Interviews with Ben Stiller, Lionel Richie and Kim Cattrall.
The Mysteries of Laura
Laura thinks a long-dormant serial killer has re-emerged.
Exploring the world of moose in the Canadian Rockies.
Duck Dynasty
Fireworks extravaganza; a museum exhibit features Uncle Si.
Duck Dynasty
An old rival challenges Willie to a game of dodgeball.
Duck Dynasty
New employee Alan micromanages the Duck Commander workers.
Duck Dynasty
The family holds a Renaissance Fair for Godwin's birthday.
Duck Dynasty
The family holds a Renaissance Fair for Godwin's birthday.
A Few Good Men
A Navy lawyer defends two Marines in a comrade's death.
Jurassic Park III
A search party encounters new breeds of prehistoric terror.
Treehouse Masters
Pete builds a theraputic, butterfly-themed treehouse.
Treehouse Masters
Record-breaking, 1200 sq ft tree village in Louisiana.
Legally Blonde
A fashion major follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard.
Legally Blonde
A fashion major follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Teresa and Joe learn their fate in federal court.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle plan a burlesque-themed party.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Jim becomes combative over the Victoria Gotti rumor.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Erika invites the others to watch her perform at a gay club.
We Bare Bears
Chloe and Ice Bear
We Bare Bears
Grizz gets the bears lost in the deep forest.
Regular Show
Muscle Man threatens to leave and take a job as a gut model.
Regular Show
Mordecai and Rigby enter a video game tournament.
King of the Hill
Bobby buckles under the stress of the Quiz Bowl team.
Bob's Burgers
Linda opens a bed and breakfast for a holiday weekend.
The Profit
A dispute over equity could derail the ice cream company.
Shark Tank
Boneless baby back ribs that only take two minutes to cook.
South Park
The boys want to ride bulls; area cows get religion.
South Park
The town of South Park gentrifying; Kenny feels gets a job.
South Park
Cartman thinks he's a top online restaurant reviewer.
South Park
Cartman becomes a victim of body-shaming.
Dual Survival
In the Amazon, Grady and Bill commune with animals.
Dual Survival: Untamed
Grady and Bill are stuck in Africa's fiercest environment.
A slain cop joins a team of spirit lawmen.
The Heat
A federal agent and a Boston cop go after a drug lord.
American Pickers
The guys find a rare 1930s coupe at Buckey's one-man ranch.
American Pickers
A man who hasn't thrown away anything since the 1950s.
Big Fix Alaska
Long Gone on the Yukon
Big Fish, Texas
Guindon clan try to keep Katie's Seafood Market thriving.
Paradise Run
Three teams must search for animals hidden around the pool.
Henry Danger
Henry is exposed to a strange device in the Man Cave.
Henry Danger
Henry and Charlotte give Jasper a test secret.
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
The siblings challenge Ricky's disbelief in superstitions.
Star Trek
Young Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew battle a vengeful Romulan.
Iron Man 2
The superhero faces a powerful new enemy.
The Box
A mysterious gift bestows riches and death at the same time.
Face Off
The artists create realistic disguise makeup.
Kramer halts millennium-party plans; Jerry obsesses.
Elaine starts muffin business; Jerry shaves his chest.
The Big Bang Theory
Wolowitz and Leonard go to a bar on Ladies' Night.
The Big Bang Theory
Koothrappali and Leonard take Wolowitz to Las Vegas.
Castle's novel "Heat Wave" becomes a movie.
The owner of a historic magic shop is found dead.
The team works to solve the murder of a Marine.
During an investigation, a fraudulent charity is uncovered.
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