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Good Day PA
Hosted by Amy Kehm.
The Chew
Author Trisha Yearwood; actress Hilary Duff; Southern foods.
General Hospital
Sam comes to a decision; Jake commits to his new job.
The Young and the Restless
Chelsea tells Gabriel that Billy is over Victoria.
The Bold and the Beautiful
Katie questions Brooke about the company she's been keeping.
The Talk
Daytime Emmy Award nominations; Cote de Pablo.
Judge Faith
Damages to a rental unit.
The People's Court
Exes Square Off in Court
Judge Mathis
The defendant says her mother hit her with a crowbar.
The Steve Wilkos Show
Rico's daughters told him that Ashley molested them.
The team becomes part of a documentary shooting.
Da Vinci's Inquest
Da Vinci needs the mayor and police chief's support.
Days of our Lives
Eve and Cole make a move to keep J.J. and Paige apart.
The Meredith Vieira Show
Actress Paula Patton; comic Mario Cantone; John Cena.
Peg Plus Cat
Three Bears, Three Little Pigs and Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Super Why!
Princess Pea and Red are in a potato-sack race.
Thomas & Friends
Stephen learns that speed is not the most important thing.
Sesame Street
Papa Bear volunteers at Baby Bear's preschool.
CSI: Miami
The team probes piracy taking place off the coast of Miami.
CSI: Miami
The team probes members of the judicial community.
Criminal Minds
A serial killer in an upscale New York neighborhood.
A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England.
Dirty Jobs
Fainting goats, exotic insects, removing tree stumps.
Dirty Jobs
Hydroseeding; work on a steamship ferry; viewers' questions.
Dirty Jobs
Mike makes wine, and then goes to a Kansas Cattle Ranch.
The Real Housewives of New York City
Kelly tells her daughters about the Playboy shoot.
Newlyweds: The First Year
Laura gets fed up with Sam's family; Toi feels lonely.
Newlyweds: The First Year
Toi models lingerie; Nadine takes a pregnancy test.
Teen Titans Go!
Beast Boy teaches Robin how to goof off and relax.
Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa travels inside a Belly Bag to find a cure.
Teen Titans Go!
Beast Boy and Cyborg try to slow the pizza delivery boy.
Clarence is left at school with an indecisive student.
Teen Titans Go!
Raven is fragmented into five distinct personalities.
Steven Universe
A mission to the Lunar Sea Spire was a test.
Teen Titans Go!
Beast Boy believes that Terra is his new girlfriend.
Fast Money Halftime Report
Scott Wapner and top investors get to the heart of the action on Wall Street.
Power Lunch
Today's news on the economy, markets, real estate, media and technology.
Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
Exploring the day's most compelling legal stories.
Wolf Blitzer discusses issues in the nation's capital and breaking stories around the world.
CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
Daniel finds out which of his privates are flammable.
Daniel is roasted; fans help with love letter.
Tosh gives the "I Like Turtles" kid a Web redemption.
Daniel gets shot with a cannon; new emoticons.
I (Almost) Got Away With It
A convicted murderer escapes prison and hides out.
I (Almost) Got Away With It
A band of thieves rob vacationers; one is killed.
Death Row: The Final 24 Hours
The final 24 hours leading up to an execution on death row.
Four female panelists and one male colleague share their perspectives on the day's top news stories.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson
Perspectives on the headlines of the day with a focus on crime, politics and investigative reports.
Tears of the Sun
Commandos lead a doctor and African refugees to safety.
How I Met Your Mother
Barney learns that Ted still has feelings for Robin.
Gangland Undercover
Falco ends up in trouble during the gang's annual Reno run.
Gangland Undercover
Falco proves he's a resource to Vagos and the cops.
Gangland Undercover
Falco quickly moves up the ranks of the Aryan brotherhood.
Wild Justice
California's Game Wardens work to keep the wilderness safe.
Wild Justice
Tracking a man wanted in Oregon; cow is stuck in quicksand.
Wild Justice
Cartel members grow marijuana on a remote mountain.
PAW Patrol
The Pups send a group of penguins back to the South Pole.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol uses Zuma's new submarine.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Crusher turns the baker truck's baker bots to messy mode.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob orders a product that helps him learn to say no.
Bar Rescue
Two siblings are wasting their father's retirement.
Bar Rescue
A former Philly detective-turned-bar owner.
Bar Rescue
Counting down the ten most disgusting bars.
In the Name of the King III
A contract killer travels back to medieval times.
Face Off
Josh Hutcherson guest stars.
The 13th Warrior
Unknown foes devour the flesh of their Viking victims.
Face Off
Designing creatures based on unique sound effects.
American Dad
Stan arranges to have Francine's memory erased.
American Dad
Francine throws a block party; Steve joins a youth group.
American Dad
Stan competes against his rival to be become a deacon.
Family Guy
Peter hunts for a man-eating fish to pay off a loan.
Castiel struggles with the downside of his new power.
Brennan and Booth investigate a basketball player's death.
A woman's car is run off the road, but her baby survives.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Two rapes appear to have been committed by the same man.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A child shoots a fellow student at school.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Cabot crosses the line to convict a serial child-abuser.
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