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Cristela tries to help Isabella get into a school program.
Shark Tank
Beard oils and mustache waxes; simple belts for kids.
Investigative reporting.
The Amazing Race
One team takes a tumble in Nagano, Japan.
Hawaii Five-0
A woman gets away after a diamond robbery.
Blue Bloods
Boomer Esiason makes a difficult request of Frank.
Hart of Dixie
Lemon is blindsided by a person from her past.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Guest comic Gary Anthony Williams.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Guests Brian Shaw and Heather Anne Campbell.
Booth and Brennan investigate an apparent suicide.
Brennan tries to come to grips with her parents' past.
The Night Shift
T.C. is suspended; Ragosa returns to the hospital.
Dateline NBC
The deaths of a lawyer and a district attorney and his wife.
Great Performances
A romantic concert features music from Italian movies.
Criminal Minds
A serial killer stages car accidents to hide cause of death.
Criminal Minds
The team searches for a serial killer who jumps trains.
Criminal Minds
Dr. Reid has dreams that might help reveal buried memories.
Disease specialists seek a cure for a deadly virus.
Shaun of the Dead
An aimless TV salesman and his friend battle zombies.
Treehouse Masters
Pete and his scurvy scallywags hoist 20-foot high treehouse.
Insane Pools: Off the Deep End
The Lucas Lagoons crew crafts a bayside paradise.
Treehouse Masters
Pete tours some of the best treehouses in America.
A small-town gal finds her niche at a neoburlesque club.
A small-town gal finds her niche at a neoburlesque club.
King of the Hill
Boomhauer trades homes with a Canadian family.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland takes a group of delinquent teens under his wing.
The Cleveland Show
Cleveland tries to set Holt up with cat-loving Jill.
American Dad
Francine and Stan visit the world's biggest water park.
Shark Tank
The sharks fight over a three-in-one nail polish.
The Celebrity Apprentice
Completing the final task; the winner is announced.
Death Row Stories
Re-election campaign could decide fate of death row inmate.
Death Row Stories
Philadelphia lawyers' rules don't apply in New Orleans.
The House Bunny
A sexpot teaches misfit sorority sisters about men.
The Rocker
A failed drummer (Rainn Wilson) gets another shot at fame.
Gold Rush - The Dirt
Todd and Jack discuss the final push; Parker's breakdown.
Gold Rush
The Hoffman crew tries to reach their season goal.
Gold Rush
Freddy and Derek Dodge search for gold in the Yukon.
Explorers wage a terrifying battle to save mankind's future.
Appalachian Outlaws
Tony Coffman is forwarded money for a massive order.
Appalachian Outlaws
Mike Ross is looking for payback on the poachers.
Appalachian Outlaws
Tony Coffman catches heat from Mr. Lee and the Syndicate.
Brain Games
Discovering how the two sides of the brain operate.
Hacking the System
Brian Brushwood survives a weekend in the woods.
Hacking the System
Host Brian Brushwood shows all the ploys one needs to keep personal information protected.
Hacking the System
Learning how to pinch pennies and cut corners to save money.
The Thundermans
Phoebe enlists Max's help in a tennis tournament.
Full House
Stephanie and Kimmy suspect Steve is two-timing D.J.
Full House
Everyone searches for Michelle's stolen bicycle.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Hilary meets a doctor while doing community service.
When an officer arrives at a residence, screams are heard.
Bellator MMA Live
Paul Daley vs. Douglas Lima. From Uncasville, Conn.
Final Destination 3
Death stalks accident survivors.
12 Monkeys
Cole, Dr. Railly and Aaron strive to stop the virus.
Walker goes to St. Germain when he learns about Michael.
The Big Bang Theory
Stage fright stands between Sheldon and a coveted award.
King of the Nerds
The monster behind Pom Pom Kitty's disappearance.
Blades of Glory
Rival male skaters compete as a pair.
Cold Justice
A Little League coach is found bludgeoned to death.
The Taking of Pelham 123
Criminals hijack a New York subway train.
Modern Family
Claire finds out Alex is interested in a boy.
Modern Family
When an earthquake hits, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom.
Modern Family
Gloria wonders how to break the news about her pregnancy.
Modern Family
Lily gets into a tussle on her first day of kindergarten.