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The Ten Commandments
Moses leads the enslaved Jews to the Promised Land.
Private Practice
Naomi and Sam treat a pregnant teen who has Down syndrome.
Criminal Minds
A serial killer stages car accidents to hide cause of death.
CSI: Miami
A meth lab is in a murder victim's apartment.
An escaped convict's remains turn up in the sewer.
Greendale's year-end picnic features a game of paintball.
Study group members agree to work together to win.
The Closer
Brenda must testify in a custody hearing.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dee jealously tries to derail the waitress' wedding.
An invention allows the crew members to exchange minds.
Al Gore's head holds an emergency summit in Kyoto, Japan.
Monica and Chandler seek help for writing their vows.
Saturday Night Live
Host Melissa McCarthy; Imagine Dragons performs.
Music City Roots: Live From the Loveless Cafe
Shawn Camp; 18 South; Jim Lauderdale; Buddy Miller.
Doc Martin
Portwenn is buzzing with arrangements for the wedding.
Storage Wars
Jarrod and Brandi may have to close their Long Beach store.
Criminal Minds
Bodies are found buried beneath the ocean floor off Florida.
Criminal Minds
Bodies are found buried beneath the ocean floor off Florida.
Criminal Minds
Bodies are found buried beneath the ocean floor off Florida.
Storage Wars
Jarrod and Brandi's store becomes the subject of gossip.
Criminal Minds
The team must investigate targeted killings in Florida.
Storage Wars
Auction action from Laguna Niguel, Calif.
Forrest Gump
A slow-witted Southerner experiences 30 years of history.
Too Cute!
Bull mastiff puppy; Lowchen puppies; Old English sheepdog.
The World's Oddest Animal Couples
Exploring why bizarre animals pair up with each other.
2 Fast 2 Furious
Two friends and a U.S. customs agent try to nail a criminal.
Van Helsing
A monster-hunter battles creatures in Transylvania.
The Boondocks
Plot to kidnap Oprah.
Space Dandy
The gang meets a beautiful woman with a horrible secret.
Ichigo and Kageroza have a final showdown.
Naruto: Shippuden
The Secret of Jinchuriki
Buried Treasure
Visiting a family in Georgia hoping to avoid foreclosure.
The Suze Orman Show
A wife contemplating divorce; a Tesla; a belated honeymoon.
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
The rich history and food of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
Retrospective of season one.
Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain
The comic's self-deprecating take on his life.
Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man
Kevin demonstrates his unique style of comedy.
Epic Yachts
Today's superyachts are the ultimate floating hotels.
Deadliest Catch
The men and women involved with the show.
Red Eye
Discussing the day's hottest topics.
Mike Huckabee comments on the news of the day.
Green Lantern
A test pilot joins a band of intergalactic warriors.
The Bible
Peter denies Jesus; Judas hangs himself; Jesus is crucified.
The Bible
Jesus brings a dead man back; Jesus enters Jerusalem.
Wicked Tuna
The fishermen of Gloucester take to the open seas.
Wicked Tuna
McLaughlin brings fun college friends on board.
Ross tells Rachel he can't see her anymore.
Ross moves out of his apartment to live with Emily.
Ross lives with the guys; Phoebe dates health inspector.
The Expendables
Mercenaries embark on a mission to overthrow a dictator.
Rambo looks for captive missionaries in war-torn Burma.
Two rivals try to capture the legendary creature.
Deal With It
An identity disguise and mobsters; girlfriend as a wingman.
Bam's Bad Ass Game Show
Apple crates for skis; hogtied over a pool of garbage.
A barbershop owner considers selling his establishment.
X2: X-Men United
A power-mad militarist pursues the mutants.
Chrisley Knows Best
The children treat their parents to a day of pampering.
Chrisley Knows Best
Todd wants to teach Chase and Savannah the fashion business.
The Switch
A woman uses a friend's sperm, unknowingly, to get pregnant.