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NFL Preseason Football
Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints
Wheel of Fortune
America's Game
NFL Preseason Football
Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Sheldon compete for a physicist's attention.
The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon tries to help Penny with her financial difficulty.
The Vampire Diaries
Elena and Stefan have dreams about an alternate life.
NFL Preseason Football
New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles
Hollywood Game Night
Jerome Bettis; Michael Weatherly; Lauren Graham.
The First 48
A man is killed while being robbed; a mother is shot.
The First 48
An innocent bystander is killed in a drive-by shooting.
The Mummy Returns
Imhotep's minions kidnap the O'Connells' precocious son.
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
An American street racer takes on a Japanese champion.
Jurassic Park
Cloned dinosaurs run amok at an island-jungle theme park.
Alaska Wildlife Troopers
Fairbanks Wildlife Troopers respond to calls.
Alaskan Bush People
A unique family builds a small shack in the Alaskan bush.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Hot issues and conflicts of the season are faced.
Don't Be Tardy ...
Brielle wants to try out for the cheerleading squad.
Don't Be Tardy ...
Lana learns how to snag a man; a makeover from Sweetie.
The Amazing World of Gumball
Gumball learns that Clayton was telling the truth.
The Amazing World of Gumball
Gumball and Darwin help Rocky get a corporate job.
Uncle Grandpa
Greed causes Pizza Steve's latest venture to backfire.
Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa travels back to 1492 for a pair of pants.
King of the Hill
A veterans' organization invades Hank's home.
King of the Hill
Peggy impersonates a nun to land a job at a school.
American Greed
A group of hackers decide to get rich or die trying.
American Greed
A group of wannabe-celebs make off with millions.
The Colbert Report
Actor Michael Sheen.
Chappelle's Show
Hip-hop products; "Hookup History"; Fat Joe.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dee's stand-up career is brought to unexpected places.
Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded
The Hillstrand captains begin an Alaskan adventure in Homer.
Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives
An explorer investigates the mysterious deaths.
Two and a Half Men
Frankie divulges her big secret.
21 Jump Street
Young cops go under cover as high-school students.
Pawn Stars
The guys check out a 19th century Fisk iron casket.
Pawn Stars
Two first editions of "A Christmas Carol" enter the shop.
Pawn Stars
A recorded telephone conversation of President JFK.
Pawn Stars
A WWII embalming kit is brought into the shop.
The Legend of Mick Dodge
Mick is fighting a bad case of beaver fever.
The Legend of Mick Dodge
Mick sets off on a mission to track down his dog, Gabu.
Doomsday Preppers
Three preppers who plan to use natural resources to survive.
Sam & Cat
Cat invents a holiday so she can buy gifts for everyone.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob and Pat go to a jellyfishing convention.
The Thundermans
The twins work together to get even with a mean girl.
The Thundermans
Phoebe invites her crush's family over for dinner.
An officer finds a 5-year-old lying in traffic.
An inebriated woman accuses officers of harassment.
Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.
Officers pursue a suspect who appears to be on drugs.
Resident Evil: Extinction
Alice and her cohorts seek to eliminate an undead virus.
Nolan tries to save Tommy and stop Irisa.
The Big Bang Theory
Penny's home business turns into a nightmare.
Christy makes a new friend with big problems.
Family Guy
Quagmire is stunned when his father goes through a change.
Family Guy
Peter and the gang reunite with Cleveland.
The rising star of "The Wives of Wall Street" is murdered.
A plot to kidnap a wealthy man's daughter is revealed.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A woman finds a naked teenager sleeping in her room.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
A school nurse notices multiple injuries on a young girl.