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College Football
The Colorado State Rams (10-2) meet the Utah Utes (8-4).
Paid Programming
Paid programming.
Wheel of Fortune
Home for the Holidays
Fast Joint Relief
The answer for Joint Pain in a delicious drink!
Burn Notice
A boy's family is terrorized by an abusive father.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard starts dating a woman who meets Sheldon's standards.
Kickin' It: With Byron Allen
"Exodus: Gods and Kings" cast; Cameron Diaz; Josh Brolin.
Access Hollywood
Top entertainment stories.
Red Bull Signature Series
From Pomona, Calif.
Entertainment Tonight
Celebrity deaths in 2014.
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Federal whistleblowers help expose wrongdoing.
Conversations From Penn State
Josh Lerner discusses the Participatory Budgeting Project.
Holiday Handbells: The Raleigh Ringers
Community handbell choir performs holiday song selections.
A spy (Danny Trejo) tries to stop an anarchist with weapons.
Criminal Minds
Woman is abducted from an affluent community.
Criminal Minds
A family works together to abduct young women.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A master wizard (Nicolas Cage) takes on a reluctant protege.
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Mariah wants more dogs neutered when puppies dropped off.
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Dog tied up in heat; Matt saves dog; Tania & Perry adopt.
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Tia comes to the rescue of a handicapped puppy.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kenya hopes to mend fences now that Apollo has come clean.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Phaedra and Kenya skirmish yet again over Apollo's lies.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Cynthia makes her comeback during New York Fashion Week.
The Smurfs
A magic portal transports little blue folks to Manhattan.
The Adventures of Tintin
Young reporter Tintin and his dog go in search of treasure.
Zoo animals must learn to survive in the wild.
Johnny Carson
The greatest moments of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
Secret Lives of the Super Rich
Inside the largest home in America; a $150 million mansion.
CNN Newsroom
Latest on the day's top news stories with a focus on global news, trends and destinations.
Michael Smerconish tackles weekly American political and news stories from one perspective...his.
A captive orca named Tilikum has killed several people.
Hot Tub Time Machine
Four pals go back in time to their 1980s heyday.
Hot Tub Time Machine
Four pals go back in time to their 1980s heyday.
Tickle solidifies a stash spot; Josh and Bill butt heads.
Tim wants to give Troy's distillery an expensive makeover.
Airplane Repo
Mike Kennedy gathers his best team to obtain a fighter jet.
The Five
A rotating ensemble of five FOX News Channel personalities.
America's News Headquarters
Analysis of the day's news.
FOX Report
Analysis and interpretation of the day's lead stories.
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Exhibits come to life at one of the world's largest museums.
Counting Cars
The most patriotic muscle car; Roli blackmails Horny Mike.
Counting Cars
Danny hosts a car show at his club to generate business.
Counting Cars
A casino bigwig commissions a high-end chopper.
Pawn Stars
Attorney General J. Howard McGrath collection; Mighty Mite.
Border Wars
Cocaine is discovered in a unique hiding place; heroin bust.
Border Wars
An illegal immigrant chase; new crossing strategies.
Alaska State Troopers
Alaskan troopers search for a family of moose hunters.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Mr. Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales.
The Thundermans
Max changes the grades on his report card.
The Thundermans
Max tries to find the culprit when his skin turns blue.
Henry Danger
Henry believes that he was replaced by an older boy.
Fleeing drug-dealer; security guard; a car hits a girl.
Fleeing drug-dealer; security guard; a car hits a girl.
A suspect tries to swallow evidence.
A deputy unleashes his dog to catch a fleeing motorcyclist.
A deputy unleashes his dog to catch a fleeing motorcyclist.
Officers pull over a bewildered cross-dressing suspect.
Officers pull over a bewildered cross-dressing suspect.
The 12 Disasters of Christmas
Natural disasters threaten to destroy the world.
Earthquakes and lava ravage Los Angeles.
Memorable flashbacks about the circle of friends.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray buys an adult board game to spice things up with Debra.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank is jealous when Marie spends time with Marco.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray loses his wedding ring during a business trip.
The Wizard of Oz
A tornado whisks a Kansas girl to a magical land.
It's a Wonderful Life
An angel saves a distraught businessman from suicide.