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Judge Judy
A mother resents being called "not nice" by the judge.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Zac Efron; Loni Love; Fitz and the Tantrums perform.
Cordale's mom says three women are trying to trap him.
The King of Queens
Doug learns how to excite Carrie in the bedroom.
The Office
Dwight uses his new position to employ harsh policies.
Rules of Engagement
Adam is hurt when Jeff makes plans without him.
The Wendy Williams Show
Wendy turns 50; Chaka Khan performs; guest DJ Lil' Jon.
"Saved by the Bell" reunion; Jennifer Lopez.
That '70s Show
Eric accuses Hyde of stealing his stash of money.
The Dr. Oz Show
Gluten and dairy sensitivity; diet for food allergies.
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts find a lost otter cub.
Wild Kratts
Koki and Jimmy deal with mosquitoes in the Cypress Swamp.
BBC World News America
U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.
The First 48
A young man is robbed and killed.
After the First 48
Football game murder; shooting at an illegal dentist office.
Criminal Minds
The BAU reopens the case of Morgan's presumed-dead cousin.
Monster sandworms devour denizens of a Nevada desert town.
Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Giant subterranean worms surface at a Mexican oil refinery.
The Pool Master
Anthony turns a wine-lover's dream pool into a reality.
Ultimate Treehouses
The world's biggest, tallest and most elaborate treehouses.
Treehouse Masters: Out on a Limb
Pete builds world's first spa treehouse in Austin, TX.
Oscar-winning account of the doomed 1912 ocean liner.
Oscar-winning account of the doomed 1912 ocean liner.
Married to Medicine
Lost footage and cast interviews from the season.
Married to Medicine
Lost footage and cast interviews from the season.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Wimpy Greg deals with torment from his older brother.
Regular Show
Benson must get to work on time in order to earn a watch.
Regular Show
Mordecai and Rigby have to paint a house.
Adventure Time
Finn seeks advice on asking Princess Bubblegum on a date.
Adventure Time
Finn and Jake have to cure the stomach ache of a giant.
Teen Titans Go!
Raven sends the other Titans to the ends of the universe.
Closing Bell
A guide through the most important hour of the Wall Street trading day.
The Lead With Jake Tapper
Headlines from around the globe; politics to pop culture.
The Situation Room
Traditional reporting and online resources update international news.
The Professor tries to resuscitate the crew after the crash.
Leela and Zapp Brannigan stranded on an Eden-like planet.
Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.
South Park
Kyle befriends a whale from the new Denver Sea Park.
Lords of the Car Hoards
Customizing a 1940 Ford pickup for a man's quadriplegic son.
Lords of the Car Hoards
The crew rushes to fulfill Chuck's plans for building.
Lords of the Car Hoards
Chuck is obsessed with a 1970 Camaro Z28.
Your World With Neil Cavuto
Money tips from Wall Street.
Two and a Half Men
In need of a birthday gift for Lyndsey, Alan gets creative.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
A husband and wife are assassins for rival organizations.
America's Book of Secrets
The world surrounding gold and why people want it.
America's Book of Secrets
How the government decided to monitor American's.
America's Book of Secrets
Exploring one of the most secret organizations in America.
Science of Stupid
Thrillseekers collide with the laws of physics.
Brain Games
Exploring the brain's capacity for compassion.
Brain Games
Experiments reveal how everyone is addicted to something.
Going Deep With David Rees
David gains advice from experts about ice.
SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward cleans up Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob's help.
Carly tries to get a clueless guy to ask her out.
Spencer comes to the rescue when a heat wave hits Seattle.
Harry Joyner criticizes Spencer's artwork.
Truck chase; threatened roommate; sandals.
A deputy responds to a fight at a gas station.
A man cannot understand why he was arrested.
Suspicious man rides bike erratically; drug transaction.
Deadly snakes escape from a lab and terrorize townspeople.
Black Swarm
Deadly wasps wreak havoc on a small town.
Chandler is angry when Monica buys expensive boots.
Rachel joins Joey for a night out; Chandler sets a record.
Monica mistakenly believes Joey is infatuated with Phoebe.
Elaine considers intimacy with her new boyfriend.
The rising star of "The Wives of Wall Street" is murdered.
A plot to kidnap a wealthy man's daughter is revealed.
Castle makes a discovery while searching for Alexis.
The body of an NCIS facilities manager is found.
Ducky orders the exhumation of a body from an old case.
A helicopter crew's training mission ends in a crash.