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Good Day PA
Hosted by Amy Kehm.
The Chew
Alfonso Ribeiro; angel hair with Brussels sprouts.
General Hospital
Morgan and Michael try to defend their actions.
The Young and the Restless
Adam seeks forgiveness; Jill drops the civility with Jack.
The Bold and the Beautiful
Maya and Nicole have an emotional conversation.
The Talk
Actress Kathy Bates; TV personality Nischelle Turner.
Judge Faith
A damaged car; a canceled trip.
The People's Court
Cruise Sinks a Family
Judge Mathis
He caught another man in her home while they were dating.
Divorce Court
Different parenting styles and a cheating husband.
The Steve Wilkos Show
Guests suspect their men are lying about being gay.
Corrupt Crimes
Rae Carruth conspires to murder his unborn child's mother.
Days of our Lives
Chad finds himself in a dangerous situation.
The Meredith Vieira Show
Singer Sara Bareilles (book "Sounds Like Me").
Peg Plus Cat
Peg and Cat teach Big Mouth about going to the potty.
Super Why!
Little Boy Blue disappears while playing music with Red.
Thomas & Friends
Thomas creates Geoffrey, an imaginary engine.
Sesame Street
Elmo and Zoe find out what sinks and what floats.
CSI: Miami
Calleigh is haunted by a murder victim's spirit.
CSI: Miami
Delko investigates when evidence is stolen from the lab.
The First 48
A farmer is killed trying to buy a used car in Dallas.
The Matrix Revolutions
Neo, Morpheus and Trinity battle vicious machines.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
An alien's arrival triggers upheaval on a global scale.
Pit Bulls and Parolees
Basketball star Zach Randolph inquires about a rescued dog.
I Shouldn't Be Alive
Two friends find themselves trapped on a tiny ledge.
Monsters Inside Me
A parasite invades a child in Virginia.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Vicki's daughter imparts shocking information about Brooks.
The Real Housewives of Orange County
The women come together to witness Tamra's baptism.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Teresa manages the household from behind bars.
Teen Titans Go!
Starfire convinces the team to use compassion.
Uncle Grandpa
The gang wants to sleep but a strange noise prevents it.
Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa gets a watermelon stuck in his mouth.
Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa unintentionally helps a grounded teen.
Uncle Grandpa
Belly Bag must realize a new friend's nefarious intentions.
Teen Titans Go!
Robin tries to teach the others to respect for money.
We Bare Bears
Three brother bears try to fit and and make friends in the modern world.
Fast Money Halftime Report
Scott Wapner and top investors get to the heart of the action on Wall Street.
Power Lunch
Today's news on the economy, markets, real estate, media and technology.
Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield
Exploring the day's most compelling legal stories.
Wolf Blitzer discusses issues in the nation's capital and breaking stories around the world.
CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin
Brooke Baldwin brings you the latest on the day's top news stories.
An actual witch stars in a TV remake of the 1960s sitcom.
Drunk History
Abraham Lincoln; "Star-Spangled Banner"; Edgar Allan Poe.
Drunk History
James Cook discovers Hawaii and parties with the natives.
Drunk History
Lewis and Clark explore the dangerous west; Dolly Parton.
The guys go on strike when they can't get time off.
Gold Rush: Alaska
The miners need to find $10,000 worth of gold.
Gold Rush: Alaska
Todd discovers a flaw in the equipment; an expert helps.
Gold Rush: Alaska
The claim's owner brings in a veteran outsider.
Four female panelists and one male colleague share their perspectives on the day's top news stories.
Happening Now
Breaking news reports.
The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson
Perspectives on the headlines of the day with a focus on crime, politics and investigative reports.
How I Met Your Mother
A meeting with someone from his past gets Ted thinking.
How I Met Your Mother
Lily and Marshall consider having a baby.
How I Met Your Mother
Robin rediscovers a group of single girls who like to party.
How I Met Your Mother
Ted finds Robin's date in the apartment naked.
American Restoration
1940s Good Humor bike; 1920s Atwater Kent art-deco radio.
American Restoration
Wheelchair made from B-17 bomber pieces; photo shoot.
American Restoration
A 1959 BMW motorcycle with a side car; pencil dispenser.
American Restoration
A rare 1940s Mobil Pegasus sign is brought into the shop.
Port Protection
Residents take care of essential builds and chores.
Alaska State Troopers
Troopers must defend themselves against armed culprits.
Alaska State Troopers
From prostitution stings to regulating moose hunts.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol must investigate when carrots disappear.
PAW Patrol
The PAW Patrol must track down some loose penguins.
Blaze and the Monster Machines
Crusher challenges Blaze to a game of truckball.
Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks
Dave gets a parenting app to help supervise the Chipmunks.
Ink Master
Going against a legend; an insanely demanding canvas.
Ink Master
Artists must transform canvases into wild animals.
Ink Master
Using an insane new tattoo style to create masterpieces.
A monstrous scarecrow terrorizes teens and their teacher.
American Dad
Stan learns how to slyly check out other women.
American Dad
Stan is fired from the CIA; Roger and a musician make a bet.
American Dad
Hayley takes a job as an intern at a local news station.
Family Guy
Brian tries to take it slow with the girl of his dreams.
The lives of Sam and Dean if they were not hunters.
A pod containing remains washes onto a beach.
Human remains end up glued to a street artist.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
An abduction leads detectives to a serial killer.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
People connected with Benson's cases are found murdered.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Benson and Stabler unearth black-marketing of infants.
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